Lancashire Telegraph – Column 3

Posted on 9th September 2014

WELL my aim was to come up here and win a medal in the singles and I have done it. It has just about sunk in what I have achieved because my head was a blur of mixed emotions after I lost to Nicol David in the final.I was happy that I won a silver medal but my first thought was one of disappointment because I had lost the match. You go in to finals to win, so losing wasn’t nice – then you have to face the world’s media to tell them just how you felt! It wasn’t until I got on the podium and got that medal around my neck that I thought to myself that I hadn’t done too badly.

The reaction I got afterwards was lovely as well. We were walking along the riverside on our way to do an interview, and youngsters were coming up and asking me about the medal and how heavy it was and things like that. They were just happy to see someone with a medal and it made you realise what you were a part of.

Squash has had some great coverage in the last few days and to hear people say it should be an Olympic sport is brilliant. Me and my England team-mate, Alison Waters, were involved in a real ding-dong battle in the semi final and people realised how intense squash can be. Then Nick Matthew and James Willstrop played a thrilling men’s final which demonstrated just how exciting it is.

And to cap it off, I got to meet Prince Harry!

We got told there was a chance to meet Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince William and luckily, I was one of four from the England team who was invited. I didn’t get to speak to William or Kate but Harry was lovely. He seemed very genuine and a real sports fan and interested in what we had done. it was a very special moment. I’ve now met Prince Harry and David Beckham in the last few weeks so just need Usain Bolt to complete the set of the world’s most famous men. Apparently, he was in the village yesterday but I missed him. But I still have a few days left to bump in to him!

AFTER the world wind of the singles, it’s time to get my game face on again and concentrate on the doubles – and me and my ‘roomie’ are really looking forward to. It has been a hectic few days but because me and Jenny Duncalf, my doubles partner, share a room we have been able to discuss our plan of action. Although we are seeded one, we are taking nothing for granted because we know we are the prized scalp everyone will be after. So the first aim is to get out of our group and take it from there.

IT seems an age ago now but the opening ceremony was superb and I am really pleased I decided to go. The roar we got when we walked in to the stadium was something else and with Nick Matthew carrying the flag, all the squash players were right behind him which was really special. I got to see Rod Stewart perform on stage before quietly slipping off to go back to my room and prepare for my first game the next day.

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